Oakburn SSD-9394

Location File
OAK - Bird Life Monitoring Plan 2021 PDF
OAK - Odour Management Plan 2021 PDF
Conditions of Consent PDF
Development Layout PDF
Response to Submissions PDF
Supplementary Response to Submissions PDF
Environmental Impact Statement PDF
EIS - Certificates of Title PDF
EIS - Existing Consents EPL PDF
EIS - Development Plans PDF
EIS - Access Road Plans PDF
EIS - Landscape Concept Plan PDF
EIS - Capital Investment Summary PDF
EIS - Consultation Report PDF
EIS - Air Quality Assessment PDF
EIS - Traffic Impact Assessment PDF
EIS - Stormwater Management Plan PDF
EIS - Contamination Report PDF
EIS - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report PDF
EIS - Cultural Heritage Assessment PDF
EIS - Accoustic Impact Statement PDF
EIS - Social and Economic Impact Assessment PDF
EIS - Waste Water Treatment Project Proposal Report PDF
EIS - Animal Welfare Bio Security Manual PDF
EIS - Animal Welfare Policy PDF
2021 Oakburn AEMR PDF
Oakburn OEMP - Stage 1 PDF
January 2022 Independent Environmental Audit PDF
January 2022 Independent Environmental Audit Response Table to Recommendations PDF
SSD-9394 - Contact Details PDF
SSD-9394 Staging Information PDF
Complaints Register PDF
2022 Compliance Report PDF