We see our products through from eggs to shelf. Whether we’re delivering fresh poultry to local retailers or value-adding products to Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and food service customers, we pride ourselves on quality and service.

A largely self-sufficient operation

In order to deliver a quality consistent and safe product and high level of service to our customers, we aim wherever possible to be self-sufficient. Being largely self-sufficient is one of Baiada’s greatest accomplishments. We set high standards around process and efficiency, which ensures we can deliver millions of high quality products every year.

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What sets us apart

As one of Australia’s largest poultry producers, we are always innovating and looking to new technologies that will advance our processes. We’re leading the way in the industry with state-of-the-art research laboratories and by applying a progressive outlook to everything we do.

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Steggles has been bringing Australian families together at the dinner table since 1919. A household name, the iconic brand is synonymous with progress, quality and innovation. Steggles offers a range of poultry products in major supermarket retailers and QSRs, as well as local charcoal chicken shops and butchers.

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Lilydale Free Range

With more and more consumers believing you are what you eat, Lilydale Free Range satisfies this view with its selection of delicious premium free range poultry products. Lilydale chickens are fed a nutritious vitamin-enriched diet by farmers who take care of their welfare. Our products can be found in major and specialist supermarket retailers, and selected local charcoal chicken shops and butchers.

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