A new millennium of poultry and property

Chapter Five

With the turn of the millennium came higher standards for food. 2003 saw the passing of Baiada’s matriarch, Giovanna, at the age of 91. Giovanna’s wish for the family business was to thrive and to continue for as long as possible. These days, we have a firm focus on progress, continuing to champion innovation in both the poultry and property sectors.

Lilydale Free Range

Joining the free range

The desire for premium products started to trend in the food world and it became clear that there was a place in the market for Baiada. Lilydale Free Range was born and named after the little town at the entrance of the picturesque Yarra Valley region of Victoria, a place known for its bountiful produce.

Steggles Truck

Bringing Steggles to Baiada

One of our most significant business moments was the acquisition of Bartter Holdings, which included the iconic Steggles brand. Baiada doubled in size overnight, making the company one of the biggest producers of chicken meat in the country. Due to the substantial brand awareness of Steggles, the decision was made to retire the Baiada name from the shelves.

Simon Camilleri

Continuing on the family responsibility

Simon Camilleri, John’s brother, was appointed managing director of Baiada and remains in that position to this current day.

Baiada doubled in size overnight after acquiring the Steggles business, making us one of the biggest producers of chicken meat in the country.